1. Conferences

We bring vitality to your congresses and conferences, make the most of the potential, break with conventions, and inspire your clients and employees. The aim is always effective communications. We have organized and managed numerous congresses and conferences over recent years. These have included annual kick-off events, field sales congresses, executive congresses, symposiums, training seminars and standard meetings. Conferences cost money and time so they need to be used effectively. Clearly defining conference goals and content is essential to ensuring their effectiveness.

2. Moderation & moderation coaching

We have a large pool of experienced congress moderators who will guarantee the smooth running of your event. If, however, you wish to moderate the event yourself but lack experience, we also have the ideal solution: our coaches train you in your moderating role and give you the necessary stage confidence and presence.

3. Spontaneity & flexibility

A congress or conference of course requires perfect and detailed planning. But some on-stage spontaneity and improvisation also demonstrate a company’s openness to change. But spontaneity must be learned. And who knows this better than Ralf Schmitt, author of the book “I’m totally spontaneous if you give me enough advance warning” (Ich bin total spontan, wenn man mir rechtzeitig Bescheid sagt). Benefit from his expertise and give your congress some added verve by hiring him as a moderator or speaker. With his effective, impactful exercises and entertaining anecdotes, he will help you overcome your fear of failure, break you out of your comfort zone and become more open to change.


4. Ancillary programme & breaks

Great content is of course essential for your congress. But if the ancillary events and activities aren’t appropriate, the content might not be properly received.

We offer numerous modules to set the tone and get your guests in the right mood for the event. A drums workshop, for example, is a great way to energize participants, e-voting promotes a high level of participant interaction, congress yoga helps liberate the mind, and Graphic Recording ensures your congress remains vividly in the memories of all who attended.

5. Presentation design

The same pattern year after year, too much text, no common thread? What you need is some fresh input! We happily help you with the design and creation of new, professional presentation information. Working together with our partners, we rework your presentations or create new ones. We also help you to improve content using visuals, colour schemes and streamlining.

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